Sunday, October 24, 2010

Leg 38, from the head of the Swimming Pool to Shipwreck Cove, the south shore of Calderwood Point.

Looking out toward the dam and the Thorofare beyond it's easy to sea why, back in the mid 1990's, this was such a poular spot. when I'd last paid any real attention to it, around 1960, it sported a big float with a diving board and lot of sporting folks, summer people mostly and mostly from North Haven. The water, contained as it was there in the shallow cove, was much warmer than the ocean. Quickly, though, the Swimming Pool lost its appeal, succumbing to miore exciting past times. The float and bath houses rotted away and the waterworks began to deteriorate.

The particular purpose of constructing the dam in this way, with the wood retaining wall down the middle was explained in detail to me when I work there. Sadly, I wasn't paying attention.

I passed another house I'd built fifteen years ago or so, a big one to replace an even larger summer home that had been destroyed by fire. The fire was rumored to have been started by drug enforcement agents trying to keep themselves warm as they scanned the waters below for traffickers. It had an eliptical arch and was a real head scratcher.

There's a staggering quantity of flotsham along this shore but not much other indication of human traffic, an appealing place for an Osprey or Eagle to homestead however and there are several of those.

Having intended to photograph only what I see during the walk around the shore I couldn't resist this old giant on the Zeke's Point Road. I've monitored its transition over the thirty years or so I've worked out on Calderwood Point.

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