Saturday, January 23, 2010


I've navigated this beautiful passage at Big Tip Toe twice now during this exercise and will do so once more before I complete my
tour around Crockett Point. I never tire of it. Fifty years ago I was involved in a ridiculous car chase through this pristine gully. I'm grateful for this opportunity to appreciate the spot a little more fully and certainly a little more responsibly.

I've been looking at Dogfish for some time now, from one vantage or another, ever since I left the Basin. I'll get a glimpse of it over my shoulder when I round Brown's Head but this is my last view of it's entirety.

Having turned my back on Dogfish and the last of Leadbetter Narrows I enjoyed my first unfettered mainland panorama and a look at Crabtree point and the narrow piece of real estate that is North Haven's southern extremity. By February North Haven will be my constant companion for a while.

It was suggested, before I struck out for walk # 20 that I might want to take snow shoes, certainly something mositure resistant. I stubbornly stuck to my sneakers. A couple of hours later, having failed to find reliable footing, or any footing for that matter, in places like this below the high tide mark, I found myself struggling mightly through big snow drifts high above but right next to the shore. By the time this leg of my journey was over I found myself
thinking seriously, again, about taking Elaine's advice to heart.

The wind was howling out of the north and when I rounded the point it blew my hat off and nearly toppled me from a ledge. I ducked down into this little nook, lingered a while out of the wind and found, in this singular little environ all the things found elsewhere nearby but each was a little different -barnacles, mussels, even seaweed looked a little less careworn, having found this relatively sheltered place to live.

These deer wallows remain a mystery. I'd only seen one before this and it was on the south side of the old Moffit place in full view of the front of the house. This, the next one, was encountered after coming around Crockett Point and back to the road. It is on the north side of the same house, again in full view of it. I haven't seen any big ones like this in the privacy of the woods.

Leg 21, next week, will get me into the nooks and crannies behind Brown's Head.

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  1. Have you considered a second (or is it fifth) career as a photographer???