Saturday, January 9, 2010


Leg 18, from Elisofon's to Tip Toe Mountain, took me to a place I've always intended to visit but have not, Whitmore Pond and the deep inner reaches of Crockett's Cove. That I have not can be said, though, of pretty much everywhere I've been during this walk and while it's taken me sixty years to get around to it I'm supremely glad I eventually did.
Two sets of rapids allow the tide to come to and drain from the marshy upland area. This is the innermost of those.

A pastel rainbow drips from this little ledge as a miniature glacier advances toward the precipice. Now and then a speck of dirt is carried away until, over time, well - you know.
Ice in all its forms is ever present, underfoot, overhead and in beautiful displays like this.

I was prompted to take this picture to bring home and compare, with Elaine, it to the condition of my own hair more often than not but when I saw it framed on the upload it was strikingly beautiful (not that it doesn't still remind each of us of my own condition now and then).

I'll try to get a photo, each trip, of the ever present animal trail. It's nearly continuous, all around the island perimeter, sometimes just inside the woods, other times, like this, where the going is easier but always there where other species have trod before and are probably bringing up the rear.

Approaching the most pronounced of the several headwaters of Crockett's River, I find the stream has certainly settled into a course it was familar with. As I got nearer the roar ahead signalled a significant waterfall. It was, rather, a piece of equipment being used at the substation, just beyond the trees.

The marsh is ribboned with these gullies, some so narrow the grass folds deceivingly over them but many several feet deep, inviting a mis-step. This, heading back from the headwaters is one of the two or three more significant and seems ancient.

Heading back out of the marsh and southwesterly exiting Crockett's River, I stopped to admire this ice covered ledge that had the appearance of an over-filled container, merinque perhaps, or ice cream.
Leg 19, next week sometime, should take me by Tip Toe and around Crockett's Point toward Brown's Head.

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