Saturday, February 6, 2010


My progress is outlined in pink

Leg 22

No, this does not mean Brian Meehan has just stepped into the woods to adjust his riding breeches.

I drive my truck to where I expect to end my walk, ride my bike to the the starting point (where I left off the time before) and, when I'm done, drive back and get the bike.

I've run into these formations here and there along my route this winter.

This is the first one that's been close enough to the shore to have it's bangs trimmed by the tide.

I can't be faithful to Circumambulation unless I walk every foot of shoreline and not cut short exploration of a fjord until the waterway has become narrow enough for me to step over it.

I recently flew over New York City and Washington D.C. Standing here admiring Brown's Head Lighthouse, in spite of there being no apparent connection, I found myself thinking about the staggering amount of humanity and achievement I'd seen from 30,000 feet, the product of such inquiry and enterprise. I thought about having undertaken this long walk and what I'd done with my life and was struck by how much less achievement would be apparent from that altitute if, since the beginning of time, the greatest inquiring mind had been my own. A fleeting moment of sobering assessment, that's all.

Leg 23, perhaps this weekend, from Brown's Head to Fish Head.

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