Monday, February 8, 2010


Progress is outlined in pink

Leg 23, from Brown's Head Light to Fish Head

This leg was the coldest walk yet. Snow and ice prevailed and bitter wind and I tried to take some comfort from the presence of flowers. Of course it was Flowers', as in the huge new estate on North Haven belonging to Cris Flowers and not a Crocus underfoot

Clearly I am finally on the Thorofare and the North Haven Ferry kindly posed for me in front of the Sugarloaf Ledge for this shot.

I stopped at Brown's Head Cemetery to say hi to my Mom and Dad. This is their marker. I had to tell them I was about to re-visit Real Calderwood's Beach, a place that held so many memories from my early childhood and that of my brothers and a place I don't think I've been back to for maybe forty years.

This is it, Real Calderwood Beach (loosely coined). When I was a kid this was THE place for family picnics. My first swim in salt water took place right here. My folks brought along the tent, as was usually the case, and set it up on the bluff above. I can remember a little campfire and enjoying hot dogs and hamburgers and marshmellows after our (my brothers and I and my folks who always joined us in the water) refreshing dip in the Thorofare and falling to sleep after games and stories to the sound of the water lapping at the rocks just beneath our campsite. The whole community regarded this as the community campground. Often ours was not the only noisy encampment.

The walking is getting a little easier here on the west facing shore, fewer formitable ledges and more rock beaches.

Some color! Not spring exactly, not blossoms but an interesting and appealing composition nonetheless.

Leg 24 should get me up toward the ferry landing and then, after one more leg. I'll be in the more sheltered inland waterways in Perry Creek and beyond.

Next leg, 24 should get me to

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