Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leg 35, from the head of Jennings Cove and around the several little islands that, at low tide, comprise Jennings Island.

The cove and island that bear Livingston Jenning's name are all part of the windfall that resulted from his prudent purchase of the land between here and the Carrying Place Bridge. I don't recall what they were called before he acquired this land but do know they hence became known by his name and that info has found its way onto the relevant charts of the area.

I've seen this green fungus on the tidal flats elsewhere but not in such profusion. There's quite a contrast, particularly at this time, when the fading color of summer color transitions into fall, between it and the surrounding grey rock and clamflats.

This was my first walk since May 10, when the demands of approaching summer put an end to what had been one or two outings a week. During the intervening months I'd forgotton about needed protection and I simply struck out in the shorts and sandals I'd been wearing for months, a big mistake. The flats filled the sandals with broken shells and debris and when I tried to escape to the juniper festooned ledges above, my legs were torn to shreds, well not shreds exactly - that was Elaine's term when, after I returned home and hosed off in the yard, she viewed the damage.

Here at this very low tide I again enjoyed the luminescent mussel shoals I'd seen earlier at Perry Creek. It was late afternoon and the setting sun was providing just the right light to show them at their best advantage. Greys, blues, purples: mud, water and shells were very complimentary to one another.

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