Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Leg 40, from Birch Point to Clam Cove.

This is the only of my many walks during which I was accompanied. The Island Institute has asked me to write a circumambulation article for the Island journal (2011) and Peter Ralston tagged along to photograph me in my element, as it were.

Here, looking out toward Stonington and Widow's Island, I built a house for a summer couple I came to know and think a great deal of. Their architect called the house he designed for them a 'clamdigger's shack' but it was a very comfortable and practical one story cape. I was happy with it. Eventually they bought Widow Island and I did some work on the residence out there.

Eventually, too, they gave a big chunk of land to Acadia National Park.

On the highest point sits two of the three original water towers that served the half dozen residences on Calderwood Point back in the early 1900's. I hadn't been on this shore for ten years or so.

Back then I was impressed with the particularly tenacious oaks in residence. They'd selected the singularly most inhospitable spots on an equally unlikely shore to put down roots. I cut a trail for the owner over this land, from one end to the other, by the water towers and through this conclave of Oakes back to Clam Cove. During this walk the Oakes were no less determined but the old guard was clearly in decline.

Unlike nearly all the others, this Oak, with a very comfortable exposure, well protected from the northeast and prevailing winds, had retained all its fall foliage

I have to keep reminding myself to look up, at the treetop environment. Often, its worth it.
Next leg, this weekend perhaps, from Clam Cove back to Polly Cove, then out toward East holm.

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