Sunday, November 28, 2010

Leg 42, from Polly cove to the old Carl Ames Farm

The characteristics of this northwest facing shore of Polly's Cove are a little different than the opposit east facing shore and, as I proceed farther east, toward Thayer Point, it is markedly so.

This white sand beach was a stunning surprise. How could I have lived here all my life and not known?

It's right in front of a private residence so access is limited but still - it's certainly been here as long as I have. What have I been doing with my life?

Calderwood Neck, all of Vinalhaven for that matter is criss-crossed with old stone walls. Fields needed to be cleared of rocks while animals and pasture land had to be segregated so it made sense to build walls. Now and then though, there were just too many rocks, more than needed to build walls. Here they were just thrown over the edge.

There are more and more interesting rock formation and mineral deposits as I continue east on this shore. A little research leads me to think these white streaks may be deposits of feldspar crystals, a product of volcanic eruptions but I have friends who are geologists and who will correct me if necessary.

This is the area in front of the property formely known as Carl Ame's Farm. When I was very young the Farm was the landing strip for the old Harjula Flying Service. I haven't included a photo of the house, in keeping with my promise to keep such photos out of the blog but the field slopes pretty severely up toward the house and barn. The arriving plane generally approached in that direction, uphill, so the landing was very short. Likewise the take-off, travelling downhill and taking advantage of extra lift, was also shorter than might otherwise be the case. I can remember coming in here on a plane but I'm sure I was very young.
Next walk, leg 43, from Carl Ame's Farm to Eastholm.

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