Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leg 43, from Carl Ames' Farm to Eastholm.

I was looking forward to this walk like no other. This was really remote territory to me. I'd never spent any time whatever at this extremity of Calderwood Neck and I was looking forward to rounding Thayer Point and discovering a shore I'd only seen from the water and only once or twice in my lifetime.

The shore just around Thayer Point was stunning, just rocks and ledges but in such magnificent arrangements.

Standing on this outcrop of stone so completely worn that its edges were like razors, I had to zoom in to the area beneath my feet to try and capture the degree to which this extraordinary erosion had taken place. Looking down the beach a way the same feathery formation emerges from the rubble.

This fellow seems to have built on a pretty solid foundation.

Next leg, 44, from Eastholm toward Starboard Rock. I hope to be off the Neck by the end of the year.

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