Sunday, February 13, 2011

Leg 48, from the mouth of the Privilege to Vinal Falls.
I was eager to get off Calderwood Neck, not because I didn't enjoy it; I certainly did, but because there are spots along this journey that feel like milestones, important junctures. The first was Brown's Head when, as I rounded the point, Dogfish & the White Islands disappeared, not to be seen again for another year or so, and North Haven came into view.
The next was Hopkins Point because it marked the end of the Thorofare proper.

The third was the Carrying Place Bridge simply because it meant I was leaving Vinalhaven Island for a while. The fourth was Calderwood Point and the emergence of the beautiful seascape that introduces Stonington.

Starboard Rock was the fifth just because it is what it is and the last was the Carrying Place Bridge again because it marked my return to Vinalhaven Island. Of course the bridge was a heartbreaking disappointment on this, its southern side, just as its northern facade was such a shock a few months ago. The thought that we could have done such a thing to this invaluable piece of craftsmanship is, if nothing else, a reminder that we must be mindful of what remains of our heritage going forward.

The Ospreys are still maintaining the home they built for themselves decades ago at the top of the derrick at the old Vinal Quarry. A leftover piece of machinery gives their homestead a nicely landscaped look.

I took a couple of exciting falls along here, sliding down an ice covered ledge and into a couple feet of cold water. I always go when the tide is nearly low but still receding. Tht gives my rescuers the maximum time to retrieve my remains if I get seriously fetched up along the way.

This will be a familliar vehicle to some of us.

Next leg,, 49, from Vinal Falls to that place where Vinalhaven comes closest to being divided in two by water- the Old Trotting Park.

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