Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leg 47 from Starboard Rock, into, around and out of the Privilege. This inlet is considerable both in size and in beauty. An old skeleton beckoned me in. Much of the first half hour or so was conducted in the woods above the shore, it being problematic getting down to the water but before I reached the head of the cove I got down close to low water. The cove's being iced over nearly completely made for slippery going. On the other hand it allowed me to avoid the mud flats.

The area on the east side, near the entrance is littered with huge boulders, much bigger than I've encountered elsewhere and, I assume, have been calved off Starboard Rock and its attendant peninsula.

The accummulation of ice and snow is everywhere divided precisely by the high tide mark which has dissolved some or all of it during the interlude when it lingered at that level.

There are some very cozy berths up here at the head of the cove and at the head of it's little westerly branch, really appealing spots that were, particularly in the west branch, about as far away as one can get from what passes, out here, for hussle and bussle.

Near the entrance is an expansive mussel bed, bigger than any I've come across since the one at thead of Perry Creek. It's a beautiful colony, wide and with sweeping curves defining the areas where here, at low tide, it's boundaries meet the sea. I stood and watched for a while as those edges changed with the advancing tide. It reminded me of an Eric Hopkins painting that had taken on a little life.
Next leg, 48, will leave Calderwood Neck behind.

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