Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let 64 from Round Neck on the eastern shore of Pogus Point on around the point and up into Indian Creek. Pogus Point was the southernmost point of my circumambulation and it really looks like I'm closing in on its conclusion. I'm not looking forward to it. I'll have to find something else to walk around. Maybe the outer islands, beginning with Green.

My last view of East Penobscot Bay.

Held down by boulders this chair, installed, I assume, by a friend who owns the adjacent house begged me to sit and contemplate the great eastern expanse of sea before leaving it behind for the duration of this walk.

This sailboat, about which I'd been forewarned, came ashore here some time ago and, though licensed and therefore presumably can be attached to an owner, has been slamming itself up against the rocks ever since.

I haven't published photos of many dwellings or structures. This is an exception. This is the Lane's Island lobster pound, now fallen into disrepair. Around 1952, while living on Lanes Island and visiting with a childhood friend who lived here, his dad, who was the pound keeper was standing in front of the kitchen sink. Lightning struck the house and travelling through the plumbing discharge at the faucet where he was standing having found a nearby conductor, the fly of his pants.

My first view of lanes island.

At this point, around 1958, a friend and I dragged ashore several long lengths of big cable. We'd harvested it at Lawson's Quarry where there was still the remnants of the old quarrying operation. It was very thick cable, maybe an inch, and even heavier. We cut it up with hack saws into lengths of 20 or 30 feet and dragged it down through what's now the Boyden Farm to the edge of Carver's Pond, then paddled it on a makeshift barge across the Pond, under the bridge, into Carver's harbor, under the Lanes Island Bridge and across Indian Creek to this point. We then dragged it up into the woods where we'd begun construction of a 'planned community' of tree houses. It was our intention to make access to these little dwellings challenging byinstalling this cable high up from one tree to another until it at last led to our cluster of abodes.

Rolled seaweed.

This considerable foundation right at the ocean's edge once supported a water dependant use of one kind or another. It was probably a part of the little Pogus Point community of a century ago.

Next leg, 65, into and around Indian Creek and back to Lanes island.

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