Sunday, January 1, 2012

Leg 63 & 64, from Arey's Cove to Round Neck on Pogus Point. These walks are not nearly as intriguing as most others and I don't expect the next several to be either. I'm in much more densely populated territory and so encounter people and pets whereas until now nearly every leg has been quite solitary. Neither have I found the shore as interesting. It's not the largely pristine waterfront I've been traversing. After I get around Pogus Point, which will be beautiful I know and will trigger some great memories, the perimeter that has guided nearly every step of my walk will become more circumspect. I will need to tramp across lawns and over docks so will probably avoid them as a courtesy and detour around. I won't find wilderness again till I'm in Carver's pond and then not for long.

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