Sunday, January 2, 2011

Leg 45, from the Ritz to Grossville.

This wasn't a very long walk, a lot of scrambling up to snow covered woods to get around steep ledges or rocks covered with snow and ice. Still, it was no less beautiful. Each glimpse across the bay to Stonington during these last few walks has been just stunning. I didn't photograph that image; it didn't seem to arrange itself in a way that worked for the camera but it was certainly beautiful to the eye.

When I ended my last leg the tide had come in too far for me to get to Little Island, just in front of the Ritz but this time it was low enough to let me get across the little bar and walk around it. From its far side I got an ubstructed look at the larlger of the Hen Islands.

Looking southwest down the length of Winter Harbor with Penobscot Island on the left and the rest of Calderwood neck on the right I could see the point at which, later this month I'll turn south into Vinal Cove.

When came around the bend and was about to conclude my previous walk I surprised a couple of coons working on something in the distance. I had a chance to examine the area more closely as I started today and could see it was a popular dining spot. Ledges, equally appealing I think, are on either side of this one but all the leftovers, bones and shells, are on this one.

There are several apple trees, remnants of a little orchard, in the woods on this point. I wonder if they were included in the recent inventory conducted by the Historical Society.

Next leg, onward to Starboard Rock

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