Sunday, January 16, 2011

Leg 46 from Grossville, around Starboard Rock to the Privledge

This beautiful little island, has become a graveyard of discarded wire traps.
Of course I don't mean Vinalhaven but this little island north of Starboard Rock.
After today Stonington will be behind me for a while. Each view of it though, first from Calderwood Point, then all the way around the Neck from Thayer Point, has been tantalizing, like a glimpse of another kingdom.

A certain granite outcrop, unlike those adjacent in either direction, appeared to have been folded into itself, like merangue.
A little spruce found enough nourishment in a little clump of soil to take root and, once that was a reality, there wasn't much to be done but to make the best of it.

Getting around the base of Starboard Rock wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated. High up on this rock my grandfather Ted Maddox carved his initials and those of my grandmother, Phyllis. He pointed it out to me once but now I can't be sure.

I don't know how to manage the way this blog aligns text and pictures. I put text where I want it then, when I post it, the blog puts stuff where it wants to. I hope the reader can figure things out.

Everything that's rock, anywhere in this vicinity, is big. In other places, where rocks have sheared off, boulders have come tumbling down. All around Starboard Rock, particularly to landward, these are enormous.

Turning the corner here, having put Starboard Rock behind me, I felt as if I'd made another landmark. Certainly that will be the case after I've emerged from the Privledge and come back to the Carrying Place Bridge. Calderwood Neck, its perimeter, was a delicious experience

I might have sat here to rest, maybe in the Spring.

Next Leg, 47, in and out of the Privledge.


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  1. Fantastice photos! Thank you for sharing your journey with those of us who would love to join you, but in reality just aren't able to do so.